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Communications Officer/Dispatcher Careers

Egg Harbor Township Police Department is hiring part-time Public Safety dispatchers with the possibility of turning into full-time positions. Applications can be obtained on our web site by clicking here. Applications MUST BE RETURNED TO THE CHIEF'S OFFICE. Preference given to Egg Harbor Township residents. Applicants must hold New Jersey certifications as a 911 Telecommunicator and Emergency Medical Dispatcher (EMD). We are an equal opportunity employer.


Be a U.S. citizen
Preference to Egg Harbor Township Residents
Be at least 18 years of age.
Possess a valid New Jersey driver's license.
Must pass a written examination.
Must pass a typing indicator test.
Must possess State Emergency Medical Dispatch and 911 Dispatch certifications.*
Must be of sound moral character verified by a background investigation
Must pass an oral interview with the commander of the Police & Community Services Bureau.
Must be able to work shift work.


1st Year $33,034
2nd Year $35,642
3rd Year $37,588
4th Year $39,534
5th Year $41,481
7th Year $45,375
8th Year $47,321
10th Year $51,465
Supervisor $45,500 to $63,648
Part Time $15.00 per hour

Benefits & Incentives

Receive a salary during your Police Department training.
Receive full medical benefits for you and your family.
Receive full dental coverage for you and your family.
Receive Eye coverage for you and your family.
Receive 10 vacation days during your first year of service.
Retirement after 30 years of service at age 65 with a full pension.
Uniform Allowance - $350.00


If you're interested in taking our next entrance exam, or if you have any questions pertaining to our testing procedures, contact Communications Supervisor Matthew Cochrane, using the online contact form, or at (609) 926-4065. Please be sure to include your name, address, and contact phone number. This information will be used to maintain a list of those interested in taking the written test.

Recruitment Contact:
Supervisor Matthew Cochrane #15967
Police Communication

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