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General Questions
Q What are the business hours of the Police Department?
A The Police Department maintains normal business hours Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. This includes the availability of Police Officers to speak to you regarding your incidents, as well as our everyday business functions, such as retrieving police reports and filing applications for firearms permits.
Q What are the observed holidays for business hours?
A We observe the "Town Hall Closing" schedule set by the Township Committee. Please refer to their website (http://www.ehtgov.org) under "Town Hall Closings" or similar title.
Q Can I report a crime or event at the Police Station after business hours?
A The Police Department will always take your report and speak to you! After business hours, you may come into the Police Station to report incidents. However, the availability of a Police Officer to promptly speak with you after hours is more limited, so there may more of a delay than during regular hours. Also, we cannot retrieve or produce police reports, issue handicap placards, firearms permits, and these like administrative functions outside of business hours.
Q Can I report a crime over the phone?
A You may report crimes for police responses over the telephone, but you cannot complete a police report using the telephone. In most cases, when you contact the Egg Harbor Township Police Department by telephone you are being connected our 911 Communications Center. These are operators that are trained to interview callers for pertinent information in emergencies, triage police, fire, and medical situations and respond appropriately. But these operators are not law enforcement officers, so they cannot take a report. There are certain incidents, however, that you can report right from the convenience of your computer Internet connection without a visit to us or from us.
Q What types of incidents can I report over the Internet?
A For the convenience of our population, the Egg Harbor Township Police Department provides a tool for our citizens to report certain types of police incidents online. This should not discourage anyone from requesting a response to your home, business, or incident location, and you always have the option to contact us for that purpose at any time. You must have a valid E-Mail address, the event must have occurred within the boundaries of Egg Harbor Township, you must not know the identity of a suspect, and the total amount of loss or damage must not exceed $200.00. This system is intended to report events such as lost property, harassing telephone calls, vandalism, and some types of theft. You can begin the online reporting process from the DO ONLINE menu. Other considerations are detailed there.

Police Reports
Q I need a copy of a police report. How soon are they ready? How can I get a copy?
A These questions are addressed on the "Records" page by clicking here.
Q I have a need relating to legal discovery, background checks, expungements, or public records concerning the Police Department.
A The Records Unit is your primary point of contact for these matters. They are addressed on the Records webpage, you may click here to jump to that page.
Q I have specific questions about my Traffic Accident report. Where can I have these questions answered?
A The Traffic Safety Unit has prepared a pamphlet which you may have received if you were involved in an incident that answers many common questions. You may view that form by clicking here or finding it under the Documents or Traffic Safety section. If you still have unanswered questions, you may contact the Officer that is investigating your incident using the "Contact Us" page. If your question involves Records, please contact them directly.
Q I have a copy of a Police report and noticed incorrect information or have additional information to add. How do I do this?
A Police reports can only be revised by the author of the report. If you note an error of fact- for example, your home address is incorrect- please bring those items to attention of the reporting Officer. If you need to add, revise, or dispute information contained within a police report, you may do so by completing a "Non-Suspect Statement Form", if applicable to you. A sample may be found in our PUBLICATIONS section, however, the form author must sign and submit this form in person at Police Headquarters.


Traffic Citations and Municipal Court Matters
Q 1. I have a court date set for a traffic summons that I received and need to change it.
2. I missed a court date, or have questions regarding payments or entries that resulted from a traffic citation.
3. I need to change my plea according to the traffic summons I was issued.
A All matters that involve traffic citations or summons ("tickets") are handled by the Court identified on the ticket. In most cases, this will be the Egg Harbor Township Municipal Court. The Police Department has no ability to change dates, make revisions, etc., without involvement of the Court. Please contact the Municipal Court directly at 609-926-4195. We do provide a link to the Court service to pay your traffic tickets online, you may see this under "DO ONLINE".


Property and Evidence
Q I have questions regarding property that was taken as evidence or property that was recovered.
A Please refer to Units, then Property and Evidence. Many questions are answered by this webpage.


Community Involvement
Q I have a suggestion for the Police Department that I'd like to share. What can I do with it?
A The Chief's Office is the primary point of contact. You may contact them using information from the "Contact Us" page.
Q We would like the Police Department to speak or be involved in a demonstration at our community event. Who do we contact?
A Begin using the Juvenile and Community Services Unit (Community Policing) webpages for contacts. You may also contact the Chief's Office.

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