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The following information is available about the position of Police Officer: 


Applicants must:
Be a U.S. citizen.
Be a resident of New Jersey.
Be at least 21 years of age and no older than 35 years of age.
Possess a Baccalaureate degree or four years active United States military service w/ honorable discharge.
Possess a valid New Jersey driver's license.
Have no criminal record.
Must pass a written examination.
Must pass a physical fitness indicator test.
Must pass a physical examination.
Must be of sound moral character verified by a background investigation.
Must pass an oral interview with the Chief of Police and Township Officials.
Must pass a psychological examination.

Anti Discrimination Policy:

It is the policy of the Township to provide and encourage equal employment and business opportunity for all persons and to prohibit discrimination in employment and business practices. The Township shall not discriminate on the basis of religion, color, creed, national origin, sex, marital status, liability for military service or age. The Township shall not discriminate on the basis of any sensory, mental or physical disability in employment unless such a disability effectively prevents the performance of the essential duties required of the position and which are bona fide occupational qualifications which cannot be accommodated without undue hardship.

 Testing Procedure

Written exam
Physical fitness indicator test, consisting of the following:
     • Vertical Jump: 15 inches
     • 1 Minute Sit-up: 28 repetitions
     • 300 Meter Run: 70.1 seconds or less
     • 1 Minute Push-up: 24 repetitions
     • 1.5 Mile Run: 15:55 minutes or less
     Additional information can be located at:
Background investigation
Oral interview
Psychological exam
Medical exam
Drug screening

Successful candidates that are hired are then sent to the Police Academy for a 20 week training program.

Upon successful completion of the 20 week program, officers are assigned to the Patrol Division and to a Field Training Officer for an additional 16 weeks.


1st Year $41,000
2nd Year $45,235
3rd Year $51,470
4th Year $57,705
5th Year $63,940
6th Year $70,175
7th Year $76,410
8th Year $82,645
9th Year $88,880
Senior Patrol Officer $98,482
Sergeants $108,330
Lieutenants $119,163

Detectives & K-9 officers receive an additional 3% in their salary

Benefits & Incentives

Paid Police Academy Training
Full Medical Benefits
Full Dental Coverage
108 vacation hours your first full year of service
Annual College Incentives:
- Masters Degree $2,500.00

Full tuition reimbursement for college courses taken while employed

Retirement after 30 years of service with a full pension.

Still Interested?

Click this link to learn more about this position on PoliceApp.COM

Community Policing Officer

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