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Temporary Handicapped Placard

The Chief of Police may issue temporary handicapped parking placards for individuals that meet certain qualifications. Placards issues by the Chief of Police are valid for a period of not more than six months. For needs that exceed this period, you must contact the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission.

1. Pick up material at the Office of the Chief of Police at our headquarters address, provided under the "Contact Us" page.

2. You must complete the form that you be provided along with your healthcare professional, according to the guidelines contained on the form. When the form is complete, return it to the Chief's Office. You must also bring with you and submit a check or money for $4.00 US Dollars payable to the "NJ Motor Vehicle Commission".

3. The Chief's Office will review your application materials and issue a temporary placard, if appropriate.

Please click here to find a digital copy of the form, provided to show the information that is requested. You must, however, complete the hardcopy form that you may be issued by our office staff.

Office of the Chief of Police
Toni Jackson, Secretary
609-926-4038 and 609-926-4036

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