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Operations Bureau
Captain James Druding, Commander
(609) 926-4034

The Operations Bureau is tasked with the day-to-day delivery of tactical police services. This includes the oversight and direction of uniformed police patrol and response, along with special units that support the mission of patrol operations.

The Operations Bureau implements programs intended to increase the effectiveness of patrol operations. For example, certain patrol units will dedicate some of their time to policing communities or limited access areas on bicycles, motorcycles, or off-road vehicles. In addition to their regular activities, the Traffic Safety Unit analyzes patterns and dedicates patrols to initatives such as DWI and inspection details to make the most use of our resources. Many patrol tours are augmented with a K-9 presence, providing our residents with quick access to additional assistance with suspect tracking, drug identification, or explosives detection when they are most needed.

Specialized enforcement units, including the Hostage Crisis Negotiation Team, are also the responsibility of the Operations Bureau.

The Operations Bureau commander reports to the Chief of Police.

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